of Godlight

Throughout his years as Mitford’s beloved Episcopal priest, Father Tim Kavanagh has been reading and also pondering two crucial questions: How can he guide and encourage his flock? And how can he deepen and encourage his own spirit? The result is a wonderful collection of his favorite quotes from thinkers, theologians, poets, and philosophers-from Mark Twain and C.S. Lewis to St. Paul and Wordsworth.

Patches of Godlight is a beautiful two-color facsimile of Father Tim’s own leather-bound notebook with his name gold stamped on the cover. Every quote is in his own handwriting, and scattered throughout the margins are his scribbled notes and doodles, even the occasional inkblot or coffee stain. For words that speak to the heart, and thinking that opens the windows of the soul, you’ll cherish this personal, handwritten volume with room to add your own favorite sayings, prayers, and poems. To quote Jan Karon: “I won’t keep Patches of Godlight on the shelf; I’ll keep it on my night table.”